Dr. Ramirez Describes the Evolution of Dental X-Rays in His Office


Dr. Anthony Ramirez still recalls the days when floppy disks were used to run imaging sensors. The technology has evolved, and for nearly two decades, Dr. Ramirez has used digital technology for his dental x-ray needs in endodontics, periodontics, and implantology. This advanced imaging allows Dr. Ramirez to provide more accurate diagnoses and treatments.

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Interviewer: All right, what have you got there? Dr. Ramirez: So the other day, I came across this, the original CDR, my first sensor. And it's amazing. I even forgot I had it. But here it is. This happens to say Schick on it, as you can see. It's black. And one of the issues was this happens to be a pedo sensor. And how about this, a floppy disk to run it. That's amazing. Look, I've been using Schick CDR Sensors since 1999, almost 20 years, without an issue. And I've always been able to get all the information that I needed from my sensors. I use the size two sensor exclusively for endo, perio, implantology, just about everything that we do in dentistry. And of course, caries detection. I still rely on the 2D x-ray for caries detection because there's nothing that's quite like it. Here it is 2017, and it's like the fourth, the fifth, I don't even know what generation it is, maybe I think fourth. But I've gotten them all. I've used them all. This is by far the best, obviously. I'm able to enhance my x-rays. We have colorizing. We have four different modules for tasks. We could use it for perio, endo, restorative, general dentistry. And it's my go-to diagnostic modality for just about anybody that comes in. And we have enough templates to do anything we need to do. Follow my implants over the course of time, and, of course, we can bring them up instantaneously, which is something that was really a godsend going back 20 years ago, having to wait for processing, which was a horrible thing. And that's why I actually switched initially, in the beginning, I was having trouble developing my x-rays. Now, of course, they came out with Schick, and we know that it was 70% to 90% less radiation, so that was of great benefit to the patient. Instantaneous viewing possibilities. And it's better than ever now, and I would never turn away from Schick. Twenty years of it, it stands the test of time.

Anthony Ramirez, DDS, MAGD

Anthony Ramirez, DDS, MAGD

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