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Advanced Dental Technology Comfortably Delivers Stunning Results

The world of dentistry has come a long way, bringing innovative techniques that save time, minimize pain, and eliminate long waiting periods for dental restorations. Dr. Anthony Ramirez offers the latest in dental technology at his Brooklyn, NY, practice.

Modern advances in technology have created phenomenal changes in the realm of digital dentistry, an area in which computer-controlled (digital) components are partly responsible for the creation of dental restorations through the use of specialized programs, such as Schick Digital X-rays, the Sirona Galileos 3D Dental Imaging System, and CEREC.

Digital Radiography

Digital imaging has redefined dental diagnostics with the highest resolution and most advanced image enhancement possible. Other technological advances have eliminated the need to wait days or weeks for particular types of dental procedures. There is no longer a need to schedule multiple appointments, repeatedly return to the office, and wait to undergo certain procedures until a later date.​

In fact, Shick Digital X-rays, CEREC, and the Sirona Galileos 3D Imaging system have dispelled any reason for dental anxiety when you visit our Brooklyn office. With a streamlined process that eliminates the guesswork from dental repair, digital dentistry has entirely transformed the industry. 

Dr. Ramirez prefers to use digital x-rays at his practice because the images are very high resolution, allowing for earlier detection and better monitoring, and they can easily be shared with patients during appointments. The x-ray process is also more comfortable than traditional methods. 

What is the Sirona Galileos 3D Dental Imaging and Cone Beam System?

A unique advancement in dental technology, the Sirona Galileos 3D Dental Imaging System creates high-definition 3D imaging of an individual’s oral and facial regions. The process provides accurate imaging that can be used for diagnostic purposes and to accurately plan guided implant surgery.

We do it right at our Brooklyn office, allowing for a quick and convenient appointment. The high resolution provided by the images offers an in-depth view of bone structures in relation to the orientation of the teeth. 

dental imaging technology

The Sirona Galileos 3D Dental Imaging System assists dentists in making accurate decisions for all types of dental procedures, including implants, surgery, reconstruction, and extraction. It can also be used to diagnose certain medical issues related to the oral cavity.

This equipment is capable of creating a digital image of an individual’s entire jaw, including anatomical structures, making it an integral component for modern dentists like Dr. Ramirez.

What Is CEREC Dentistry?

The letters of the word CEREC stand for "Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics," sometimes referred to as ceramic reconstruction. Through this unique advancement in dentistry, Dr. Ramirez can provide you with restorations in a single day.

Once Dr. Ramirez determines that you are a good candidate for CEREC after completing a thorough exam, the damaged or decaying tooth is readied for restoration. Any decayed tissue is removed, and an impression of the remaining portion of the tooth is taken to assist in the creation of the 3-D model for the crown.

Specialized 3-D software is used to convert the impression into a model that can be used to create your tooth restoration through the use of a specialized in-office milling machine and a ceramic block. In less than an hour, you will have a quality dental restoration for your tooth to create the perfect smile.

To learn more about Brooklyn digital dentistry, or to make a dental appointment at our Bay Ridge Dental office, contact us today!

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