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The first case was all encompassing, requiring multiple disciplines of dentistry to return this patient to a fully functioning, esthetic and comfortable dentition. Years of neglect and poor dentistry brought him to my Brooklyn office with a completely decimated dentition. A seventy two year old male from Bay Ridge in good health presented ready to do whatever it took to return his dentition and oral health back to normal. Following a blueprint for success that I created a number of years ago, the case was worked up in GALILEOS and planned out with 3D imaging. Managing his treatments involved the use of elevated 3D diagnostics, precise implant planning and patient education, married with innovative surgical and restorative dental skills, to provide advanced dental treatment. The treatments spanned the course of about 18 months. I provided multiple fixed provisionals while extracting and bone grafting deficient areas in preparation for dental implants. Two visits involved guided implant placement which then led into transitioning the maxillary arch into a Complete overdenture. While the implants integrated we restored the lower right quadrant with all ceramic crowns from tooth # 27-30. The missing teeth #19-26 were eventually replace with a fixed screw-retained hybrid prosthesis and four implants. The definitive maxillary overdenture was inserted prior to completing the lower implant prosthesis. All implants were performed through surgical guides which facilitates safe, accurate, and precise implant placement in all of my cases.

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